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WELCOME, The Chop Shop is the first radio show dedicated to guitar.

All aspects of rock music incorporate the guitar to some extent. This show invites the listeners to hear the songs they know and love from different perspectives, while occasionally introducing the audience to some guitar gems they may have missed.

Scheduled Guest - Chop Shop
  Week Of 4/17/17 Bill Khiller from Mastodon/Mike & Cameron of Letters From the Fire
  Week Of 4/24/17 Frank Hannon Of Tesla/Mike Einziger of Incubus
  Week Of 5/1/17 Chop Shop On The Road @ Fort Rock Festival
Scheduled Guest - Chop Shop Classic
  Week Of 4/17/17 Special Guest Gene Simmons
  Week Of 4/24/17 Featured Guest Ritchie Blackmore
  Week Of 5/1/17 Special Guest Jimmy Page