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Angus McKinnon Young
b. March 31, 1955
Glasgow, Scotland

Angus is best known for his hard-edge blues style lead guitar, incredible energy, wild stage antics and his schoolboy outfit. Angus started playing guitar when he was five. He made his first guitar by taking a banjo his family had lying around the house and restringing it as a guitar. In his early teens he started playing acoustic guitar and got his first Gibson SG after seeing it in a friend's catalogue. Until then, he had been playing on his brother Malcolm’s guitar. Angus and Malcolm 

Young are arguably the greatest brother guitar team of all-time. Together they have created some of the most memorable guitar riffs of all-time, from “Back In Black” to “Highway To Hell”.

Angus developed his signature "spasm" move while playing live in a small club in Australia when he tripped over a cable onstage, and just kept pounding out the solo. It went over so well, he made it into part of his act by having a seizure-like "spasm" onstage every night.

AC/DC formed in Australia back in 1973. Their straight forward rhythm & blues approach has led to more than 150 million cds sold worldwide.

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