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Theodore Anthony "Ted" Nugent
b. December 13, 1948
Detroit, Michigan

After spending his youth in Detroit, Ted relocated to Chicago. In 1965 at the age of seventeen, he joined the original Amboy Dukes. Ted was already creating his own sound using Fender Amps and the Gibson Byrdland, hollow body guitar. Ted embraced and harnessed the wild feedback from his big guitar and recorded his fist hit “Journey to the Center of Your Mind.”By 1973 Ted was back in Michigan and signed to Frank Zappa’s record 


label and the Amboy Dukes recorded two more albums. Nugent went solo in 1975. His albums began to sell in the millions and he played 300 plus shows a year. His unlimited energy, fearless guitar playing and connection with the great outdoors led him to be the highest grossing performer in the mid 1970’s.

Nugent has gone through numerous band member changes, but has stayed true to his music, his ideals, passions and politics. In 1990, Ted had a two-album stint with the super-group, Damn Yankees.

He’s also been a morning radio personality in Detroit with Steve Black from the Chop Shop as his co-host. Ted has enhanced his television celebrity with shows like Politically Incorrect, VH1’s Super Group, Surviving Ted Nugent, Wanted Ted or Alive and Running Wild from Ted Nugent.

In addition to selling 30 million albums and playing more that 6,000 concerts, Ted is also on the Board of Directors of the NRA, runs a charity called Kamp for Kids and is a steady activist for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.

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