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Paul Daniel 'Ace' Frehley
b. April 27, 1951
The Bronx, New York

Ace grew up in the Bronx and got his first guitar as a Christmas gift at the age of thirteen. Both of his parents played piano and both of his siblings played acoustic guitar, so he grew up surrounded by music.In 1972 Ace answered an ad in the Village Voice and passed the audition. Joining Gene, Paul and Peter in a band that was about to rule the world, Ace designed the band's double lightning bolt logo for their new name…KISS.

Ace’s direct raw approach to playing his Les Paul through a Marshall amp inspired thousands of kids across the world. His on-stage presence, smoking guitar, lighted guitar with pyro from the headstock and costumes, makeup and persona also led the way in the arena rock world.

Ace officially left KISS in 1982 due to disagreements with Gene and Paul and his increasing drug and alcohol problems. That same year he nearly died in a serious auto accident.

Ace rejoined KISS for several years from 1996-2000. Although Ace is not with KISS any longer, the band is still a massive live draw and continues to influence the music industry. Kiss is one of the best -selling American bands of all-time, with more than twenty gold albums.

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